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Nigeria is our land and home and the only country to house the largest black population .This land had birthed numerous artist that had blazed the trail of music and tattooed their marks with exceptional display of talents in songs and music in the mould of Rex Jim Lawson, Victor Olaiya, Prince David Bull, King Sunny Brown, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, Sweat, Ofege, Founders 15, Cloud 7,Sunny Ade, Bobby Benson, Ebenezer Obey, Oliver De Coque, Shina Peters, Sonny Okosun, Majek Fashek, Robert Ebizimor, Daniel Wilson, Mike Okri, Ras Kimono, Etiyen ti-Boy, Alex O, Blackky, Edna Ogholi, Chris Okotie,Victor Uwaifo, Biscuit, Pere-ama,Ahia Port Harcourt.



The Reggae genre in Nigeria was influenced by the likes of Ken Lazarus, Jimmy Cliff and later Bob Marley and it was driven by the likes of Sonny Okosun, Oritz Wiliki, Ras Kimono, Mandators, Majek Fashek, Late Tony Orubo and his Music Machine (Nigeria’s only Reggae Night Club) where the works of Studio One, Tony Robbins and David Rodigan both of Capitol Hill Radio London kept the flame alive in our city and hearts.
In the absence of the internet and satellite technology, a tape recording of the Reggae programs on Capitol Radio London was more valuable than a Savile row suit for us in Port Harcourt in the 80s. While the likes of Mabalas Macualy Junior kept the faith on Radio Rivers Port Harcourt but as the apartheid system and the freedom movements fizzled out after accomplishing their tasks, the western world began to lose control of what Nigerians listened and danced to and it grossly affected the Reggae genre.




There was a need to curb this challenge and like minds took up the challenge and birthed a collabo on the radio station, Rhythm 93.7FM Port Harcourt program ‘Mo-Fire’ (Rhythm is of the Silverbird Group) from 2006 to date The team comprised of Loknam Dombee (Eldee),Komboye Sinclair(PupaKay), Ebitams Egbuson (Deejay Tan), DJ Kevin and Eugene Abels (the Korporate Rasta) and duly supported by the then General Manger South-South Sampson Fiberesima who approved the program and gave us support.


Our Guests


The show played host to the likes of Don Carlos, Mojo Morgan of Morgan Heritage, Mozzy B, Daniel Wilson, Singerrman Flash, Dantonio, Burnaboy, Pupasay Preye Forun, Rhymzo, Ras Kimono, ZiggyDubs, Chimbiko Akarolo, and clowns like the Funky-4 just to mention a few. Arising from this move today Nigeria has over 1000 Fm( Frequency Modulated) Radio Stations and most of them host reggae shows at different intervals.



We translated our dominance on air to a monthly dance and this dance was deliberately crafted to portray the region in a positive light, heal the land through and provide a platform for bonding at a very turbulent period in the history of the Niger Delta region marred by violence and death.

It was also designed to destigmatize Reggae music and its adherents by giving it a corporate look that is affordable by all ‘responsible’ people and the dance held at The Liquid Bar in Port Harcourt. 

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We must mention the contribution of the likes of Soe Dikibo, Gogo Kurubo, Ibiyekaribo Inko-Tariah(Zorro),Efe Okoloko (Effman),Dumo George, Amoni, Pacino, Nilia, Ritchie P, Posh Kayana .



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We realized that despite the challenges in our developing environment Nigeria, our land continued to birth talents and as they were born, rise and retire most of them unintentionally never left a testimonial for the Divine Source of their talent and gift .

This realization made us to ask them this simple question: “What have you done for God?”

A lot of them expressed shock that though they had it in mind but they had no project on ground to honor:

  • The Father –Jehovah Elohim, 
  • The King of Kings -Jesus Christ
  • and the Counsellor- the Holy Spirit

We availed them an opportunity to bring this innate desire to honour God by writing a song and performing it on a Reggae genre.

And this gave birth to “To HIS Glory’ Project (THG).

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