...stand out WITH AN ‘Extra Step’.


Welcome TO T.E.S.I


The Extra Step Initiative was created to encourage or even compel that 'Extra Step" that makes best practice to stand out: be it in the Child,Family,Organization,Community or the Environment.

T.E.S.I will provide a platform for the visualization of the state of affairs and cause the people to:
A. acknowledge that there is problem in our society.
B. Appreciate the seriousness of the problems in our society.
C. Realize that we are sitting on a time bomb if we do nothing
D. That the clock started ticking over 10 years ago and we are out of time

Our activities are structured into four segments namely:
1. Children & Women rights
2. The Environment
3. Entertainment for Human Capacity Development
4. Sports for Community fitness
5. Political & Public institutional watch


thg (to his glory)

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Nigeria was voted the largest economy in Africa , a feat that had been accomplished years ago but nobody in the typical Nigeria way checked the ‘indices’ that scored us.

It is therefore not surprising that from the birth of the republic in 1960 to date, our population figure have descriptively remained “about”.


How did we (Niger Deltans) as a people move from being Royalty to becoming minorities?

But most important of all, are we as a people ready for the Next Fifty Years #nfy.

We will attempt to answer these questions and more.


A desire to honor the Divine Source of their musical gift birthed the platform 'To His Glory'. It is 40 artists,40 songs& a theme song strong: a big family of brejins in the mould of Buchi,Afie Douglas,Big Mozzy, Pacino,Dantonio,Push,Iro,Karina, Daddywest,Smythikal,Ujay,Ibiso Edwards,Jayne,Nelia.




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