end kidnapping

let the city rise again


The city of Port Harcourt after the protracted local elections witnessed an upsurge in crime particularly kidnapping like never as happened in the 50 year history of the state. The state of affairs were not helped with the political differences between the Federal Government of Nigeria that controlled the coercive arms of government and state government despite been saddled with the primary responsibility of preserving live and properties of the inhabitants of the state was helpless as they did not control any of the coercive arms of government. In response to the state of affairs this campaign was raised and pressure through the media was put on all tiers of government to act and ameliorate the situation.Today the spate of kidnapping have drastically reduced and we have expanded the campaign to discourage the youths from greeting involved in crime as it is ultimately unprfitable.


end kidnapping

See anything or anyone suspicious?

Call Police Control Room: 08032003514, 08160732892